Life at ‘The Green’ – Flora Innes House

Flora Innes House is known by all as The Green.  It is located in the heart of Byfield Village opposite the local shop.  Nine residents live in the house.

Over half term the residents went shopping for a new sofa.  A great time was had by all sitting on many sofas until a decision was made.  The new sofa is on order and will be delivered within the next couple of months.

Two of the residents have a weekly job working as a team in asking their house mates what food choices they would like for the following week.  One of the residents reads out the choices whilst the other writes the residents individual choices down to pass on to the cook at Solden Hill the next day.

Sunday afternoons at The Green is all about cooking. Residents chop, chip and peel various vegetables.  They are a mighty team producing various meals such as lasagne, Chinese stir fry, a full roast dinner or a fish pie.  They always look at healthy tasty eating options.


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