Mural Painting Project

A number of residents took part in a mural painting project which was held at Kidlington Adult Learning Centre in June 2017

This was a unique and creative opportunity to work as a group to create a large mural painting. A professional local artist led the project. The project included building a range of transferrable skills such as:


  • Learning about painting on a large scale.
  • Making choices and design planning
  • Exploring colour and application of paint
  • Using a range of equipment
  • Explore painting techniques
  • Working as a team member
  • Following verbal instruction
  • Working to time scales
  • Following health and safety guidelines
  • Developing social skills
  • Demonstrate commitment
  • Planning and hosting a morning of celebration

Residents commented in their own words on how much they enjoyed these sessions.

“Last week we went to a school in Oxford painting and drawing flowers – sunflowers and the grass on the wall.  Yesterday I made a flower, made from masking tape.  I coloured it with oil pastels, pink and green on the wall as well. It is called a mural.  There were other people painting as well; I didn’t know them.  Some of them painted a radiator on the wall and trees.  The wall is inside the school. Next week is the last one.  We are going to show people what we have been doing.  I brought an invitation.  I liked doing it; It was strange and different, not what I usually do.  It was fun.  We had lunch there – sandwiches and crisps, banana and a drink.” EO

“I had a good time last week.  We got a bit lost but got there in the end.  In the school.  I did some painting on the wall and drawing.  I went again yesterday.  I did some drawing of a yellow flower on paper.  Next week there is going to be a show of the mural to everyone.  I gave an invitation ticket.  I won’t be there because I will be somewhere with my mum and dad.  I did enjoy it lots.  It was fun. I enjoyed it.  I had a coffee last week, this week I had tea.  Shame I can’t go again, I would love to, but I have something else to do with mum and dad.” SO

“I enjoyed drawing and colouring summer flowers, summer leaves and summer trees.  Also I drew summer butterflies and pink lilies in the background.  I enjoyed the presentation day.  We listened to Classic FM music.  We had buffet food and drinks.  I was pleased that I got my certificate.” JR

It was good I did some work; It was a picture with flowers.   I did lots of hard work.  I like it here;  I want to come back again.  I used lots of colour.  My one went in a frame on the wall.  I’m going to ask the lady if I can come again.  I would like to.” JM

I think I like it.  Maybe I can do it again if they let me.  I don’t mind; I like to have a go.  What do you think about that?” SA

“No more now? Finish now. Why?” MS


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