Music Therapy

Music plays a very important part in the life of residents at Solden Hill. We have a designated music room where music workshops are held on a regular basis.
Using percussion instruments, xylophones, metallophones, drums, electronic keyboards and instruments which we have made ourselves, our service users are encouraged to join in group and individual music sessions.
Group sessions are run on a person-centred basis. Music is a wonderful tool which enables those with limited communication skills to express themselves fully.

Emphasis is on enjoyment and fun and this is always the aim of the sessions.

Singing is also an important tool and most of the themes we used are based around the seasons of the year and their festivals. Everyone is encouraged to improvise and express themselves through music.

Everyone has a ‘voice’ and everyone is given a chance to be heard.

We try to produce a concert per term and work towards these goals in order to give aims and objectives for our work. They are a pivotal part of what we do. We listen to their ideas and create programmes to their needs and abilities.

We sing, we play, we listen, we improvise, but most of all we enjoy making music together.

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