Sensory Room

This room was created in 2016. It can be a quiet room, an exploring room, a tactile room or a listening room.  Each resident finds the things that they want to do.  Whether it’s sitting with the bubble tube, playing with hand bells or coloured therapy eggs, residents can really benefit from the peaceful environment.  Residents can have one to one or group sessions.


Aromotherapy & Massage

Solden Hill House has an Holistic Therapist qualified in Aromotherapy massage, Indian head massage and Acupressure to name but a few.  The psychological and physical benefits of aromotherapy have long been known to enhance physical and emotional wellbeing, reducing stress, boosting the immune system and improving muscle tone etc.  All essential oils used are tailored to each individual resident.  Gentle background music is played and sessions last from between forty minutes to an hour each.


Animal Therapy

Based off site, residents attend a weekly animal therapy session. They interact with horses, goats, chickens, sheep and dogs.  An informal group session residents learn how to communicate with the animals which can change their behavioural traits.  



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