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Our Ethos

Our mission is to support personal and social development, foster independence, create opportunities, and promote inclusivity, equality, and the joy of learning through physical, emotional, intellectual, cultural, and spiritual activities. 

Our vision is to provide a comfortable and secure environment for all our residents. We aim to help those in our care to unleash their full potential by supporting them to achieve their goals while celebrating their individuality. 

Our values are centered on making a positive impact in the world. We operate with care and compassion, and we embrace empathy, kindness, and fun as part of our core principles.

Outcome Focused Support

At our core, we believe in providing support that truly makes a difference in the lives of our residents. We take a unique approach by focusing on outcomes that matter most to each individual, whether it's something as specific as being able to cook their own meals or as general as feeling safe and secure. To achieve these outcomes, we work closely with residents to identify any potential barriers and determine the right support they need to overcome them.

We create a personalised plan that outlines their goals and the steps we'll take together to make them a reality. Everyone involved in providing support receives a copy of the plan, ensuring that we're all working together towards the same end goal. And of course, our residents receive a copy as well, so they can see their progress unfold. We understand that there are ten key outcomes that are especially important to our residents, and these shape everything we do. By staying focused on these outcomes, we're able to provide the caring, compassionate support that our residents truly deserve.

Continuous Improvement Programme

We understand the importance of being proactive and transparent at our organisation. We want to make sure that families, significant others, and professionals feel heard and valued. Your feedback is essential to us as it helps us ensure that we are meeting your expectations and providing the best possible care to your loved ones. By working together, we can plan for the future. We are committed to creating a comfortable and supportive environment for all.

We adhere to the CQC framework with utmost rigor to provide the highest quality care to those under our care. As this framework takes a new direction, we are committed to ensuring that all members of our team are well-informed of the expectations. Our principal aim is to prioritise the needs and preferences of those under our care. We take the responsibility of providing care seriously and remain dedicated to providing the best possible care to our residents.

Professional Development

Solden Hill House Limited provides continuous training opportunities to maintain the highest standard of care for its residents. The team at Solden Hill House Limited strive to improve their practices, acquire new skills and knowledge, and reach their full potential.

3Spirit is a Care training organisation that focuses on enabling Care organisations to deliver outstanding levels of care through ensuring its workforce have the requisite skills, knowledge and behaviours in order to achieve this. They are a Skills for Care Centre of Excellence and a regulated provider of Adult Care Apprenticeships. They deliver a wide range of courses in Adult Care, including awareness/refresher training, accredited courses, qualifications and Adult Care Apprenticeships, specialising in learning disabilities, autism, dementia, safeguarding, mental health, training for social workers, clinical training, mandatory training, and more.

We partner with Red Crier to develop a comprehensive training program, as we strongly believe that a collaborative approach to training can positively impact the well-being and satisfaction of our residents, as well as those who serve them.

Rudolph Steiner

Inspired by the principles of Austrian philosopher, Rudolph Steiner, the Steiner approach focuses on experiential learning; making, doing, creating and producing, with learning based on what is relevant and appropriate to the person's stage of development.