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Life Skills

Our comprehensive program offers an extensive range of non-traditional learning opportunities designed to encourage individuals to explore, enhance, and utilise their unique skills. 

From trying their hand at cooking and housekeeping to managing finances and socialising effectively, our program is tailored to provide practical and hands-on learning experiences that enable individuals to acquire valuable life skills and unlock their full potential.

Practising Life Skills
Helping My Peers
Having Responsibility

Communication Skills

We use signs and communication cards which empower residents to express themselves in a whole new way.  Specifically crafted for those who need a bit of extra help, our systems use a mix of symbols, signs, and words to make communication crystal clear. Residents can easily share their thoughts, feelings, and needs, using signs and symbols to make sure everyone understands them.  Plus, it's a fantastic tool to develop listening and language skills, and to boost literacy.

Making Choices
Being Heard
Planning my Days

ASDAN & Helen Sanderson

Members of our team are trained to deliver life skills following the practices of ASDAN, whose aim is to engage young people through relevant and motivating courses to achieve meaningful learning outcomes, which elevate them to go on to further education, training and work, and empower them to take control of their lives.
We also align with Helen Sanderson's person-centred thinking tools, which encourage decision-making and proactively making life choices, which include important places, interests and people that matter to a person.

Making Decisions
Being Part Of The Community
Embracing Independence