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Apps House

Apps House is a property offering residential living located in the grounds of Solden Hill House Limited. 

Regular days out are arranged by the team at Apps House.
Residents and their respective housemates are encouraged to participate in activities and to help during mealtimes.

All residents are encouraged to choose their own activities whether this is visiting local attractions, shopping in the local city or enjoying a themed party at their house! 

The property has 12 bedrooms split over 3 levels.  Each bedroom has its own hand-basin and has access to a shared bathroom. 

Chartwell & Community

Chartwell House comprises of eight flats that are designed to support independent living for its residents, while providing on-site assistance whenever required. The unit aims to empower individuals to access the community and lead a self-sufficient life. The property is fully staffed round the clock to ensure the safety and well-being of its residents.

Flora Innes House

Flora Innes provides a comfortable and supportive home for individuals with Autism, Learning Difficulties, Challenging Behaviour and other profound conditions. Our unique support team and diverse activities empower each resident to develop life skills and reach their full potential. 

With 24/7 care and support, you can trust us to provide a safe and nurturing environment. Our access to Solden Hill House Limited offers many therapeutic opportunities to our residents, including fitness, gardening, café dining, country walks and more.

Our beautiful house has seven beautiful bedrooms, each with en-suite facilities, and a two-bedroom flat with a shared bathroom. With the encouragement to help in the kitchen, our residents can enjoy participating in cooking and making new friends. 

Giles House

Giles House is a detached property located within the grounds of Solden Hill House Limited, providing independent living for its residents. The care team at Giles House encourages residents to make their own decisions based on their daily interests. The team also arranges outings that cater to the residents' hobbies and preferences. In addition, all residents have access to on-site facilities at Solden Hill House Limited, including fitness activities, gardening, café dining, and country walks among other therapeutic opportunities.

Giles House features three bedrooms, a kitchen and a lounge area. One of the bedrooms has an en-suite bathroom, while the other two share a bathroom. The staff at Giles House provide support to enable residents to live an independent life.

Hanover Drive

Hanover Drive is a family-oriented residential care home that offers comfort, safety and a supportive environment to its residents. It is a single-adapted house that can accommodate up to three residents, which allows for a personalised living experience.

At Hanover Drive residents are encouraged to participate in a wide range of activities that promote physical, mental and social well-being. These activities include baking, gardening, crafts and regular day trips to nearby attractions. The care team also organises seaside holidays and short breaks, which provide residents with the opportunity to relax and enjoy new experiences.