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Gardening and Horticulture

Our main facility sits on 8 ½ acres of gorgeous land, complete with trees, lawns, flower beds, vegetable gardens, and growing tunnels. We believe that spending time outside is good for the soul, which is why we encourage our residents to participate in outdoor activities. 

Our gardeners work together as a team, having fun while tending to the land and enjoying the social interaction that comes with it. There is no better feeling than working hard towards a common goal and seeing the fruits of your labour.

Residents of our houses with gardens and green areas can enjoy gardening as a therapeutic activity, planting seasonal vegetables and selecting plants that can be enjoyed all year round. Whether you prefer to get your hands dirty or just enjoy the beauty of nature, there is something for everyone here at Solden Hill House.

Cookery & Kitchen Skills

Choosing food, witnessing it being prepared, or being involved in its preparation is a meaningful part of our daily routine. It is a communal and productive activity that brings us together. 

Being able to make their own menu choices is of utmost importance, and we encourage all residents to make know their preferences, whether communicated verbally or non-verbally. 

We make it a point to source seasonal vegetables, fresh fish, and meat from local suppliers, and have even begun growing our own vegetables in our garden. 

Our attentive care team also instills in our residents the importance of food hygiene, kitchen safety, and the power of making healthy food choices.

Activity Room

With activities ranging from pool to table tennis and archery, residents can challenge themselves and discover new skills. Our multi gym is there to help push the limits and achieve new fitness goals. 

Once all that energy is used up, residents can enjoy a moment of peace and relaxation on the alfresco balcony, taking in the beautiful scenery.

Animal Therapy & Interaction

Solden residents absolutely love visiting the local wildlife sanctuaries, zoos, and safari parks. They're also big fans of the local garden centres which are home to an abundance of animals. Our care teams pets regularly pay visits and many of the residents enjoy taking regular horse-riding lessons

Bluebell Café

Nestled within our grounds is the Bluebell Café, a vibrant hub where residents and visitors alike can enjoy a coffee and cake. This unique setup not only fosters a sense of community but also offers our residents a valuable opportunity to interact with their peers and to develop a range of independence skills that they can utilise in wider environments.  

Theatre & Drama

Our main hall is equipped with stage lighting and a sound system where drama sessions are held. 

Our residents express themselves through their individual performances and are involved in regular plays throughout the year, which are a favourite with both staff and residents. Additionally, residents are actively involved in creating props that are required for the plays. 

We also organise regular visits to the theatre to watch professional performances. The annual pantomimes are particularly popular among our residents.

Outdoor Pursuits

Our residents at Solden Hill House make the most of the beautiful outdoor space come rain or shine, or even snow. Whether it’s using the swing and outdoor gym, biking on the grounds, or simply taking a walk in the surrounding countryside, we're always outside, breathing in the fresh air. During the summer months, we host barbecue lunches on our spacious patio area, and have picnics in the garden. 

We regularly visit National Trust venues, and the local outdoor spaces and parks are enjoyed by the residents of all of our houses. Our focus is always on maintaining physical wellbeing.

Music Therapy

At Solden Hill, music is an integral part of our residents' lives. We have a designated music room where we conduct regular music workshops. Our residents are given the opportunity to participate in group and individual music sessions using various instruments such as percussion instruments, xylophones, metallophones, drums, electronic keyboards, and instruments that we have made ourselves. 

Our group sessions are conducted on a person-centred basis, with a focus on enjoyment and fun. Music is a powerful tool that enables those with limited communication skills to express themselves fully. Singing is also highly encouraged and most of our themes are based on the seasons of the year and their festivals. Improvisation is highly encouraged, and everyone is given a chance to express themselves through music. 

At Solden Hill, we believe that everyone has a voice, and we provide every opportunity for our residents to be heard.

Swimming, Gymnasium and Physiotherapy

At Solden Hill House, our residents have the opportunity to go swimming regularly at several local swimming pools, including a hydrotherapy pool. Swimming is a favourite activity among our residents and they always enjoy a well-deserved tea break afterwards.

We also organise regular gym sessions and encourage our residents to use all the equipment at the local leisure centre and  if any of our residents require physiotherapy, we accompany them to their sessions or make arrangements for their therapists to visit them in their home.


O​ur residents take pleasure in taking a break from their daily routine and indulging in some well-deserved pampering. They love to visit salons and spas for a refreshing haircut or a rejuvenating manicure.  For those who prefer to relax at home, we provide the option of a foot spa, so they can unwind and soak their feet in the comfort of their own space. 

We believe that personal appearance is a powerful tool of self-expression. That's why we encourage all of our residents to embrace their unique sense of style and showcase it with pride. Whether it's a haircut, a colourful manicure, or new outfit, we celebrate the individuality of every resident and support them in expressing themselves in any way they choose.